Fried Goodies :)


Guess what? I made fried oreos! They were so good! Not only did I make fried oreos but I made fried banana! Yum! And I experimented with some other things.. Snickers.. Hershey’s… Strawberry.. Haha🙂 Also sorry about my lack of posting😦 I have been busy. Enjoy😀

Fried Oreos.

Fried bananas.

Waste Baskets :)

This is a fun way of doing waste baskets! It is a bunch of fun and they are very cute. All I did was grabbed some ribbon and wrapped it around them.

Last Cake Class :(


My cake class is all done… for now… This was my last cake! Just a bunch of different flowers I made through out the class. Enjoy🙂



Guess what? I am going to be starting a Etsy shop! I am working on it thats why I haven’t posted in a while… These are just a hint of what I will be doing🙂 Enjoy!

Colorful Cake


This is the cake I made for my last day of my course one of my cake class. I used tip 3 and just piped away! Enjoy🙂

Chicken curry!


This is one of my favorites! It is a yummy chicken curry.