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Waste Baskets :)

This is a fun way of doing waste baskets! It is a bunch of fun and they are very cute. All I did was grabbed some ribbon and wrapped it around them.

Silver Monogram Pumpkin


This is a cool pumpkin I wanted to show you how to make…

All you need is a pumpkin, silver spray, thumb tacks, and a stencil of anything.

First, I spray my pumpkin.

Next, after the paint dries, I put my stencil onto the pumpkin and put the thumb tacks following the stencil shape.

Then I take them all out to remove the stencil and put the tacks back in the same holes. And I have my pumpkin!

My Primitive Pumpkin Patch


Yay my first Fall project and many more to come! Isn’t it cute!? 🙂

I made this craft with my stepmom (Ode to Inspiration) and we were featured! Yay!

Hello World!


Hi, my name is Susu and I cant wait to share my goodies with you! I was always crafty from day one……..so my parents tell me…..and I believe them! I use to be the artsy girl in my class. I would color and draw all the time! Everyone knows me as the artsy girl. Everywhere… my friends, family, even teachers, and adults. I am not only into crafting I LUV decorating cupcakes, cookies, and cakes! And of course I bake my goodies as well 🙂 But it doesn’t end there…. I love cooking too! I watch Top Chef, Master Chef, Iron Chef, and my fave chef is Cat Cora! I watch all those shows which inspire me. Also my dad cooks and it looks fun and trust me it is fun! 😛 I will be showing you my very own cooking show as well! Come and join me in my world of fun. Susu girl in this world!